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About Us

Better Solutions Therapy is a private practice in Naperville established in 2003 by licensed therapists, Cristi Belmonte, MS, LMFT and Heather Ducato, MS, LMFT. Both Cristi and Heather received master's level clinical training at Northern Illinois University and graduated in 1996 and 1997 respectively. Emily Landseadal, LCPC, CADC joined the practice in 2016 and completed her training at Benedictine University in 2011. 

Heather has been working with individuals, couples and professionals in private practice since 1997. She specializes in working with clients who are experiencing individual and/or relationship distress both at home and at work. Heather implements collaborative coaching strategies in the areas of effective communication, leadership skills, relationship management, conflict resolution, change management, problem-solving and goal setting to improve performance.

Cristi has been working in Naperville since 2001 with couples and individuals of all ages. Her special interests are: improving couple communication, establishing boundaries, depression, anxiety, co-dependence and repairing relationship trust after affairs or addiction treatment. She works with clients from a strength based perspective and has experience working in private practice, agency and hospital-based settings.

Emily has experience working in a hospital-based chemical dependency treatment setting. She specializes in substance abuse, mood disorders, anxiety, codependency, self-esteem, and women's issues. She works collaboratively with clients to build on their strengths and aid them in moving toward personal growth.